Here come some more Giagantic pictures for ya! Hope you guys have big computer screens :) I'm really excited about all the awesome couples I have for 2009 - here are 2 of them! Up first Melinda and Matt! I've know my next bride Andrea since 7th grade cheerleading and I can't wait to be the photographer for her big day :)

Her fiance Shawn is 6ft 10in....yes 6"10!!! And we found a guy on stilts, how cool is that? Finally the Vaughn family, also old friends from my hometown with 2 cute kiddos! Their poor little guy Alex wasn't in the mood for pictures but you can't even tell!

Eeek! Sorry for the HUGE images, but photobucket or blogger must have changed something and I am too tired to figure it out. If anyone knows what the heck is going on let me know :)
Onto my awesome Bride and Groom. Belinda and Mike, or "Nilla Mike" as I know him, go way back. Mike and I started as interns together back at Steve and DC and we've been friends ever since, he was a groomsmen in my wedding and my husband was a groomsmen in his. So it's great to hang out with friends and work at the same time :)

See my cute hubby, bald guy top right :) You also might recognize the cute blonde girl on the left, she is Cassie, a former bride and she is all over my website :) She is the one in the photo of her and her fiance' laying on the ground looking at each other and ever since I took that photo 3 years ago EVERYONE asks for it :) Thank you Mike and Belinda! And thank you Kay for shooting with me!

Did you miss out on fall family photos with me this year?

If you did you are missing some great weather and beautiful colors. I know I had to turn alot of people down who waiting a bit too long to book :(

FYI I start taking family session 2009 appointments in January, if you want to make sure you get a spot e-mail me ( and I will put you on my waiting list and I will contact you in January to schedule a Spring or Fall of 09 session. I only take 6 family sessions per month so they go fast!OKay...onto one of the cutest families ever! Meet Donna, Chris and Baby Roman, I shot baby Romans birth in March and he is already 6 months old!They also looked great, I love, love, love bold colors. Baby Roman is super baby. At 6 months old most babies are just learning to sit by themselves, he is crawling everywhere and pulling himself to standing!
I also want to mention that Donna is my hair stylist and she rocks! She works at Metro the Salon in St Charles, but to book an appt. you can just go to her website. Brides, she also does bridal doo's :)

This is gonna be a quick post since I'm spending the day with my kids at the pumpkin patch but I just wanted to squeeze in a few quick shots from Ashley & Brenton's wedding and Tricia's Senior photos!
Thank you Lele Girls for shooting with me :)My favorite is below :)

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