Hold my Pineapple, we have SWINGERS in the studio.

Listen to "Hold my Pineapple, we have SWINGERS in the studio." on Spreaker.

Hang on to your pineapples, guys and maybe send your kids outside for this one because we welcome three SWINGERS into the studio today! Jenny and Josh are a married couple who are in 'the lifestyle' and Jessica is what's known as a 'unicorn' and they're all here to answer our questions about being a swinger - where they go, how they meet people and literally anything else we can dream up to ask them. Find out the connection to pineapples, what a 'blue fish' is and even the neighborhood in the St. Louis area with a reputation for Swingers. 

You guys do NOT want to miss this episode! Listen in and let us know if there are any unusual careers (or lifestyles) you want to hear about. We love interviewing interesting people - and we love you guys for listening!! 

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