I held my second workshop for the "Building Your Business 101" series, and it was so much fun! It so great to meet so many other people so eager to learn about photography. A BIG thank you to our awesome models Pat and Shelley! No "fancy video" this time :) But I did want to share some of the shots I got!

I will be planning my 3rd workshop here in the next couple weeks if you'd like to attend e-mail me at

Welcome to the World Owen :)

UP NEXT ON THE BLOG: Photos from my 2nd workshop!

I am way behind on blogging, so if you stick with me these next couple days you should see alot of new stuff :)

First is this cute family who added a another baby girl a few months ago so it was time to get some new family photos!

*** SPRING FAMILY PHOTO OPENING *** My Spring schedule has been full for some time but I just had a family who had to cancel their session scheduled for Sunday April 5th at 5:30pm. If anyone wants that spot contact me asap

Are you on my wall?

You may remember these photos from a few months ago when I re-modeled my "home office"

Well I FINALLY finished it :) It took me forever to pick my favorite shots to go on my wall (oh and to find the perfect size purple couch :)

So anyway, take a look...if you've had a session with me before you might be on my wall!

(From L to R Joe and Rachel, The Kelley Famiy, Katie and Brandon, The Rodgers kids, and Mike and Belinda)

Sorry for the lack of posts, but if you look below you'll see I've been kept a little busy with the latest addition to our family :)

It's only been 3 weeks since I lost my sweet Daisy. I never imagined getting another dog so soon, I felt guilty for even looking. But my family was ready, especially my other dog Molly, she was lost without a play buddy.

So while I will grieve the loss of Daisy for a long time little Miss "Susie" puts a little smile on my face and makes the pain a little more bearable.

I promise next week lots and lots of pictures, a wedding, a birth, a family session, a Boudoir marathon and much more!

First of all thank you guys for all the sweet comments about my doggie and my grandpa. I've been laying low these last few weeks just spending time with my family, sorry for the lack of posts.

Now, onto business. As most of you know I held my first workshop "Building Your Business 101" a couple of weeks ago. It went really well and I just received the promo video for it so I wanted to share.

I am holding a second workshop later this month but it is full. I am taking names for a 3rd workshop so after viewing the video if you are interested in attending just send me a quick e-mail.

Goodbye Sweet Daisy Over the weekend I lost my dog, Daisy. She was my first born, Anyone who knows me knows how much I loved this dog. I got her back in my college days. In the beginning it was just me and her. Then I got married.... got another dog..... had 2 kids, and she put up with all of them. Sometimes I swear she would give me this look that said "Hey Mom remember when it was just us?"

It happened on Saturday afternoon, my husband was the only one home. It happened suddenly, the vet seems to think it could have been a massive stroke or a blood clot. But she was literally playing one minute, and gone the next.

My whole family is very, very sad. We loved her so much, my heart is broken but it will mend as I think of all the great times I had with her.

I did get a chance to come home and say goodbye to her before we buried her, in the backyard with a fresh pot of pink Daisies to mark her grave.

The only way I know how to express myself is through pictures so I put together a short slideshow of some of my favorite pictures of Daisy. I know those who knew her will enjoy it.

Click HERE for slideshow.


Thank you to everyone who was a part of making my first workshop a success! I have many more photos and video to come later but I wanted to share a quick photo and lovely letter I received.

I wanted to write and thank you for doing the workshop today. I wasn't able to point out clearly all the things I took away from our session.

Hearing the information from you, including how you developed as a photographer was very helpful. The casual, networking style of the workshop was comfortable and encouraged sharing of information from 25 or so people. I walked away with so many cards, notes, websites to check out, things I want to buy, etc - I can't describe how helpful all of these things were.

It was extremely helpful to get to see personally how you approach a shoot and how you edit after. I'm amazed at how easy it can be. Thank you so much for being willing to share, being so open and easy to interact with! I've seriously walked away with new inspiration and energy towards improving my photography and can't wait for future more in depth sessions!


Finally thank you so much to everyone who came. I have had a really, REALLY hard week (more on that later) and to see all your smiling faces so friendly and so eager to learn about photography calmed all of my nerves :) It was lovely to meet every single one of you and I hope to spend more time with all of you soon. You all ended a really horrible weekend for me on a really high note, and I needed that.

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