~ The Amazing Libby Lu ~

So I teased you earlier in the week that I would be debuting Libby Lu's new trick. It's quite exciting so here we go... First I have to go in and wake her up from nap, I love how her toy giraffe just popped in there like she is in the photo too.
The first thing she does is smile at mommy, then she starts jabbering....
She talks, and talks, and "oooohh's" and "heeeyyyyys"
She gets really pumped up about it, nostrils flaring, fists wailing,
like she is giving herself a pep talk for the big event.
Then is the "hoist"
The "line-up"
And then....sweet VICTORY! Yes folks, Libby Lu has found her toes. She has found them on accident a few times. But now she knows just how to reach up there and grab them. She is truly amazed by them.

Then she celebrates and shows off by holding her toes AND talking at the same time.
I know that grabbing your toes at 5 months old isn't exactly one of the "big" milestones, but baby girl has some serious junk in the trunk so it takes alot for her to hoist those little meat-bones up there. Love you Libby Lu, Mommy is proud!

~ Congratulations Hayley and Blaise ~

Hayley and Blaise had such a wonderful wedding day. Everything about it was laid back, loving, and warm. Their bridal parties and families were all as sweet as they could be. I love this photo of Hayley and her mom below.
Hayley was beautiful, and her girls looked great in their pink and grey shoes!
Blaise and his boys weren't too shabby either. FunFact: I love the name Blaise considered it for my son (Rocky) , but it got kicked out of the running because it wasn't Italian :(
Thank you Hayley and Blaise and your wonderful friends and family. Big thanks to Donna my magnificent and very pregnant assistant for hard work and great photos.

~ Happy Monday, Love, Libby Lu ~

"That's my name playah don't wear it out"
Check back later this week for pictures from Hayley and Blaise's wedding and Libby Lu's new trick!

~ I heart Donna ~

One morning about 5-6 years ago I stopped by the Steve and DC studios to visit my old bosses with our new baby. I had a brief 5 minute introduction to Donna, one of the new girls on staff and had no clue how many ways out lives would intertwine over the next few years.Not only did I become her client (at her hair salon) she became my client (photography) I was there when her baby Roman was born, I'll be there when this baby is born, she is now one of my Bellies and Babies photographers, and more than anything a friend.
Donna is beautiful inside and out, she is such a genuine and good-hearted person. It's easy to be around her becauseshe always has such a positive personality.
Her hubby and beautiful little guy are just wonderful too :) They look like a family straight out of the JC Penney catalogue.

Donna has another little boy on the way, she totally fits the "cute girlie mom surrounded by a bunch of boys" thing.

Donna, I love you girl! I have only known you 5 years but it feels like 50 :) Thanks for being such a good friend, I can't wait to meet the new little one. To learn more about Donna's salon business click here, to learn more about her photography business click here.

~ Andy and Maria - MARRIED ~

With all the "Shot Party" hub-bub last week I haven't had much time to post any recent work. So while registration will remain open HERE I'm going to spend the rest of this week catching up on my blog posts.

Maria and Andy were married at the Jewel Box in Forrest Park, and Maria was stunning, the girl cannot take a bad picture.Maria didn't want to do the whole bouquet/garter thing at the reception, so instead she just tossed her bouquet right off the steps of the ceremony, it was really cute :)
Love this one ;)

How cute are they? We headed down to the Soulard area for some Bridal Party Portraits and it did not disappoint.
But then, like any good Groom Andy was ready to get out of the heat and head to a local bar, so we finished up photos in this cute little hallway nook and were on our way.
Thank you so much Andy and Maria for letting me be a part of your fabulous wedding day. Thank you Chantel for being my right hand gal and second shooting with me :)

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