June 30, 2010

~ The Amazing Libby Lu ~

So I teased you earlier in the week that I would be debuting Libby Lu's new trick. It's quite exciting so here we go... First I have to go in and wake her up from nap, I love how her toy giraffe just popped in there like she is in the photo too.
The first thing she does is smile at mommy, then she starts jabbering....
She talks, and talks, and "oooohh's" and "heeeyyyyys"
She gets really pumped up about it, nostrils flaring, fists wailing,
like she is giving herself a pep talk for the big event.
Then is the "hoist"
The "line-up"
And then....sweet VICTORY! Yes folks, Libby Lu has found her toes. She has found them on accident a few times. But now she knows just how to reach up there and grab them. She is truly amazed by them.

Then she celebrates and shows off by holding her toes AND talking at the same time.
I know that grabbing your toes at 5 months old isn't exactly one of the "big" milestones, but baby girl has some serious junk in the trunk so it takes alot for her to hoist those little meat-bones up there. Love you Libby Lu, Mommy is proud!


Shefali said...

Kelly, Libby Lu is so stinking cute I can hardly take it!!! Your post had me cracking up! :)

Lisa Scherer said...

She makes me want another baby...and it takes A LOT to make me want another baby,ha! She is so dang adorable :)

Sutberry Photography said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!

Cindy Lee Photography said...

she is ridiculously cute :)