~ Shefy and Bryan WEEK ~

There was no way to sum up this next wedding in one blog post. So I decided to make it "Shefy and Bryan WEEK". This was my first time shooting an Indian wedding and it was an amazing experience. So check back throughout the week for more photos from this awesome event.

To get things started I will say that I knew that Shefy liked me... alot :) and she was really happy that I was her wedding photographer, which was great because I love to have brides who get excited and passionate about their photos. But then, about 2 days before her wedding I found THIS online. So... no pressure right? ;) I knew I had to deliver a dynamite wedding, but when I got to her wedding I was able to take a deep breath and release all that pressure because everything I needed for inspiration was right in front of me, I just needed to do what I do best...take pictures.
By the time Shefy was done opening all her wedding day gifts from Bryan it looked like a Tiffany's had exploded on the dresser.

Shefy was breath-taking. And momma agrees.
I have never, in all my 6 years of shooting weddings, ever seen anyone as excited to get married as Shefy. I thought she might burst out of her own skin, she was so happy.
When a groom arrives at an Indian ceremony he is greeted with dancing and singing to announce his arrival. They kick things off party style right away!
Then he is greeted at the door by the parents of the bride.
Okay... so our bride is dressed and the groom has arrived.
Up next...the ceremony, check back soon!

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