~ It's all about the LOVE Baby ~

You've seen this family on my blog alot...after all...they've had 3 babies with me :)Jeff is also my oldest friend, we went to the same pre-school and stayed friends all the way through high school. He and his wife Jamie, whom I've also know a very long time, just welcomed baby # 3. A Baby girl they named Leighton.
This is Jamie, just 5 minutes after giving birth, glowing.
Maybe I am biased because I have 3 children too. But there is something magical about welcoming that third baby. The fan-fare is far less, the nerves are eased and it's just bare, raw, intimate, stripped down love.
Jamie was smiling ear to ear and just kept telling Leighton "I'm so glad you're here, I'm so glad you're here"
There is usually a routine Dad's do when their baby is born. I've seen it a thousand times. They stand about 5 feet from the baby, pale as a ghost, staring into the clear plastic bassinet like a deer in the headlights. They nervously look back and forth from the baby, to the momma, still being tended too by Doctors. Once in a while a nurse will snap them out of it and say "Come on over Dad' "Meet your Baby...you know...you can touch her if you want" They almost always go straight for the babies little feet and softly run their thumb over those tiny toes.
Jeff has always been different, from Day one and Baby one, he would elbow the nurses out of the way and crawl into those bassinets if they would let him.
She weighed the exact same as my Rocky, 6 lbs 12 oz
I really try not to push my "Over the top, the bigger, the pink-er, the better" props onto people, because, after all not EVERYONE wants to dress their new baby like a cupcake, but Jeff and Jamie have known me long enough...I don't think they expected anything else :)

Big Sissy Morgan

Big Brother Ryan
One very busy and blessed household. It's all about the LOVE baby :)

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