~ The State of the Manno Family Address ~

Oh Libby Lu, where does the time go? Are you REALLY 6 months old and do you have to keep growing?
Her little presence in our lives is nothing short of magical. She is officially 6 months old, has 2 teeth sprouted up from her bottom gums which makes her look a little like a "Hill-Billy" but we still love her.
She has mastered rolling over, grabbing mommy's nose, and can almost sit up. She basically can lean forward and balance on her little chubby rolls, and then she topples over and we all cheer "Yay Libby Lu" and she just smiles, and giggles.

And Luci, itty bitty Luci, I have rocked her world with a little something called...."Ballet Class" - she was finally old enough to join (kind of :) in June and it was like the heavens opened for her. She walked in and saw all these other little girls just like her, cute little bows and tutu's twirling around to music and you could see the excitement take over whole little body.
Look at that form! Perfect Jazz hands, pointed toe, girlfriend was BORN for this.

She has a recital in August which is pretty much going to be treated like a national holiday in this house.
...and for Rocky, we just ended an awesome season of Little league and we are looking forward to soccer starting in a few weeks. I don't know when my baby became a "little man" but the other day I noticed hair on his legs and he started his sentence with "Dude, Mom.."

I'm not gonna lie, he knocked the snot off this one.
He is 100% in the "question" phase of childhood, our average drive to the grocery store sounds like this "Mom, Are there swimming pools in heaven", "Why don't ducks have teeth", "Why can't Daddy's have babies", "Is heck a bad word", "How many minutes until my birthday"
it's pretty much a never ending stream of conscious from his growing little mind.
I struggle everyday with wanting them to stay babies forever, yet wanting to fast forward 20 years and see all the neat things God has in store for them. For now I will just try and soak in every moment and memory I can.

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