Episode 57- The Manno's are FINALLY moving, Kelly is making some bad adult decisions, is anyone shocked?

After months of threatening to do it, the Mannos are FINALLY moving!! Needless to say, Kelly is just a bit stressed out.

Kelly talks about doing a very "Manno" thing in regards to "the Cadillac of couches" that she bought even though she knows for a fact it will not fit in the room she wants it in. Be on the look out for Kelly and Jimmy on Facebook live looking like this.... 

But apprarently Kelly may never make to the new house because she thinks she going to die from the hiccups. Producer Gary offered a remedy that his wife uses that has never failed and Kelly poo-poo'd him but it is obvious from this picture Kelly found that someone else knows the cure too!! 
Kelly played audio of her hiccups and it reminded Hoss of the laugh of Lewis Skolnick from Revenge of the Nerds. Listen to the show and compare!!
Why are people so stupid? That might be a million dollar question.  Over the weekend 30 people needed to seek medical treatment after getting 2nd degree burns at a Tony Robins ceremony walking over hot coals.
You can read the full article HERE

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Episode 56- Netflix and Chill, Meatloaf, and Butt Stuff a funny show, enjoy!

We must be getting old, our out of touch.  Last week Kelly invited some of Rockys hockey coaches to come back to their house for "Netflix and Chill" having NO idea it had an embarrassing secret meaning!!!!

As you can see, Hoss and Producer Gary have drinks in their hands. These drinks and a couple shots were the only drinks they had all evening. This lead to a discussion of how we have simply gotten old. Do you find yourself doing less going out now then you did when you were younger?

Also while we were there, Kelly had to school Rocky on the finer points of the game Ms. Pac-Man. Kelly disclosed that she did in fact sustain a major finger injury while clearing 7 levels flawlessly and is listed as day to day. 

Still don't know what Netflix and Chill means?? Take a look at this video!!

Parents seem to do the wierdest things with their infants. The newest thing seems to be the Cherrio challenge where parents stack Cherrios on their babies noses until they wake up.. What kind of weird things do you do with your kids?
Earlier this week, legendary singer Meatloaf "collapsed" on stage. Kelly called immediate bullshit and said it was the fakes collapse she's ever seen.  It looks more like a dog laying down and rolling over to get his belly rubbed. Judge for yourself. 

We called in The No Limit Honkey to ride with the group live to a grocery store and recreate the "collapse" in the Meatloaf aisle. Go to Kelly's facebook page to see the video!!

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I don't hate Fathers Day.

I don't hate Fathers Day.

I probably should. 

People probably assume I do.

My Dad died 2 1/2 years ago and left a hole in our family the size of a crater. The mantra that runs through my mind the most are the words "He should be here" - they whisper quietly in my head all the time. In big moments like Libby Lu's first day of Kindergarten,  the kick off of my podcast, and small moments like the smell of cut grass, or when I have a question about the tires on my car.

My dad was only 62 when he passed.

He should have had so much time left. 

He should be here. 

A few weeks ago I was driving my car and a song came on the radio that stopped me in my tracks. It was like someone ripped my beating heart out of my chest, asked it questions, and then put it back in and wrote a song about it's answers.

To be fair there are alot of songs out there about death, especially in country music, and plenty of new ones have came out since my Dad passed. Sure they are sad, and hard to listen to, but none of them hit me like this one. I had to pull my car over just to get myself together. 

But I had to know about this song. Who wrote it? What is the story behind it? A quick search on my phone led me to the singer, Cole Swindell. Turns out Cole and I have some things in common. His Dad passed about 3 months short of mine.  The video starts with a beautiful phone call to his Dad, giving him the news that he just signed a record deal.

His Dad passed shortly after that phone call and just before his career skyrocketed.  The video is just gorgeous, if you'd like to watch it click here. 

Now, I might not be country super star, but man I feel like my Dad would be so proud of the last few years of my life. I feel like he is missing so much. 

He would be so proud of my podcast.  Well, first he would ask me what a podcast was, but once he learned he would be one of my biggest fans. He would be tickled to death that it's grown so big so quickly.

He would love that I work for the Cardinals and ask me to tell him stories about all the old timers I get to hang out with.

He would love that I was embarrassed on national television in such a fun way, he would think our pet pig was hysterical and tell anyone that would listen that it pooped in the Blues locker room.

He would be helping us move into our new house in a few weeks, and shaking his head when his favorite athlete Bruce Jenner became Caitlin.

He would have laughed his butt off when I sent a box of shit to Stan Kronke.  He would have proudly cheered me on while I ran around like an asshole on the local news in dinosaur costumes.

He would complain about gas prices, no matter what they were, and be thoroughly entertained with our presidential candidates.

He would have acted surprised when he opened his gifts today. Even though they were the same every year.  Home-made cards from his grand babies, his favorite coffee and aftershave. Socks and underwear of course, a big chocolate bar, and a funny Duck Dynasty or Nascar shirt.  Trust me, us buying him new socks and underwear every year was more than a gift, it was a necessity or he would be wearing the same ones from 1982.

Then he would have headed over to the recliner, tilt his ball cap down to the bridge of his nose, and taken a nap. 

He would be so proud of my mom for living every day to the fullest and being so strong.  She has carried herself through grief with grace and love and her attitude is contagious. 

So do you want to know why I don't hate Fathers Day?

My Dad would be so disappointed in me if I did.  

I have a great husband, my Dad was very fond of Jimmy and HE deserves to be celebrated, and if I moped around all day feeling sorry for myself he would be so disappointed in me. That's not the life he would want me to live. So I celebrate Fathers Day in honor of my Dad. I promised him I would make him proud and I'm not going to let him down. 

Now that our Fathers Day is over, and Jimmy enjoyed his day fullest with hand made cards from the kids, lot of presents too.  A movie with Rocky, homemade tacos for lunch and a night watching WWE wrestling with his buddies.  I wanted to take a minute to celebrate my Dad. 

Truth be told I wanted to make a video like this for a long time.  With my access to photos and videos and technology it should have been done a long time ago, but it was just too hard. I hesitated even writing this blog because how many times can I wave a flag over my head and say "Hey everyone, look at me, feel sorry for me, my Dad died".

 But I didn't make this for you, I made it for them.

And now I'm sharing it with you.  Because I'm so proud of my Dad and the time he had with us.  I know he is proud of me too. I don't want his grand babies to forget him. He was obsessed with them and every detail of their lives, I want them to carry that in their hearts forever. 

Thank you so much Cole Swindell for sharing your talent and your heart with us.  We are both part of a club that no one wants to be in, but I'm glad to have company like yours. I wish you all the success in the world. Hope our Dads are having fun together heaven and looking down on both of us. If I ever get the chance to meet you I owe you a big hug and a cold beer. 

Episode 55 - The Orlando shooting, who should we be angry with?

Our hearts are hurting, our heads are swirling. Everyone feels anger, but at who? The terrorists? The gun laws? The treatment of mental health in our country? We talked about this a lot, at times in circles chasing our own tails. We pray for all of those involved in the Orlando massacre.

One day earlier, well known singer and contestant on NBC's THE VOICE, Christina Grimmie was shot at point blank range by a deranged fan after her show.  Will this force venue owners and promoters work to make things safer for the acts that play shows in their buildings? 

Lastly we talked to Jesse and Katie Johnson who run STS Armory in Illinois regarding conceal and carry classes and the laws surrounding conceal and carry. Whether you are pro gun, or anti gun, the best thing we can all do is educate ourselves.  For more information click on the photo below and it will take you to their facebook page. 

Episode 54 - Death and Dying, near death experiences and special guests Marty and Michele.

Heaven is beyond our comprehension. Death and Dying is fear by many. From a biblical standpoint John the Apostle explains to us that heaven is paved with streets of gold and walls of Jasper. So what happens when someone who didn't believe in God has a near death experience. We have a guest on to talk about it. 

If he didn't see a tunnel or a light what DID he see?  

We have a special guest in studio today to tell us all about it. 

We will get to that in part 2 of our show today. 

Part 1 of the show today is all your typical jack-assery.  Hoss got kicked out of a kids hockey game for some-what stalking Wayne Gretzky, and not having a kid in the program.  He was just trying to blend in, but when you are 7 feet tall it's kind of hard. He was busted by another hockey dad. 
A few weeks ago we reported a story about Justin Beiber no longer taking photos with his fans. Hoss ripped him a new asshole and called him a cry baby, among many other naughty names.

Well, well, look who the cry baby is NOW!!!!

Kelly saw a photo of these really gross toes last week and she doesn't want to be the only one grossed out.  So here you go, you are welcome.  This is the shit nightmares are made of. 

Nothing like a little light hearted talk about Death and Dying to wrap up our show. We are joined by Michelle who worked as a hospice nurse for many years, and Marty, who flat lined multiple times during a heart attack and saw what's on the other side.  His story was fascinating and we are so happy he came to share it with us. 

Episode 53 - TSA agent and officer Rick Fowler

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