Episode 56- Netflix and Chill, Meatloaf, and Butt Stuff a funny show, enjoy!

We must be getting old, our out of touch.  Last week Kelly invited some of Rockys hockey coaches to come back to their house for "Netflix and Chill" having NO idea it had an embarrassing secret meaning!!!!

As you can see, Hoss and Producer Gary have drinks in their hands. These drinks and a couple shots were the only drinks they had all evening. This lead to a discussion of how we have simply gotten old. Do you find yourself doing less going out now then you did when you were younger?

Also while we were there, Kelly had to school Rocky on the finer points of the game Ms. Pac-Man. Kelly disclosed that she did in fact sustain a major finger injury while clearing 7 levels flawlessly and is listed as day to day. 

Still don't know what Netflix and Chill means?? Take a look at this video!!

Parents seem to do the wierdest things with their infants. The newest thing seems to be the Cherrio challenge where parents stack Cherrios on their babies noses until they wake up.. What kind of weird things do you do with your kids?
Earlier this week, legendary singer Meatloaf "collapsed" on stage. Kelly called immediate bullshit and said it was the fakes collapse she's ever seen.  It looks more like a dog laying down and rolling over to get his belly rubbed. Judge for yourself. 

We called in The No Limit Honkey to ride with the group live to a grocery store and recreate the "collapse" in the Meatloaf aisle. Go to Kelly's facebook page to see the video!!

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