Episode 54 - Death and Dying, near death experiences and special guests Marty and Michele.

Heaven is beyond our comprehension. Death and Dying is fear by many. From a biblical standpoint John the Apostle explains to us that heaven is paved with streets of gold and walls of Jasper. So what happens when someone who didn't believe in God has a near death experience. We have a guest on to talk about it. 

If he didn't see a tunnel or a light what DID he see?  

We have a special guest in studio today to tell us all about it. 

We will get to that in part 2 of our show today. 

Part 1 of the show today is all your typical jack-assery.  Hoss got kicked out of a kids hockey game for some-what stalking Wayne Gretzky, and not having a kid in the program.  He was just trying to blend in, but when you are 7 feet tall it's kind of hard. He was busted by another hockey dad. 
A few weeks ago we reported a story about Justin Beiber no longer taking photos with his fans. Hoss ripped him a new asshole and called him a cry baby, among many other naughty names.

Well, well, look who the cry baby is NOW!!!!

Kelly saw a photo of these really gross toes last week and she doesn't want to be the only one grossed out.  So here you go, you are welcome.  This is the shit nightmares are made of. 

Nothing like a little light hearted talk about Death and Dying to wrap up our show. We are joined by Michelle who worked as a hospice nurse for many years, and Marty, who flat lined multiple times during a heart attack and saw what's on the other side.  His story was fascinating and we are so happy he came to share it with us. 

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