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Well, it's definitely June.  For photographers in the Midwest, June and October are batshit crazy  the two busiest months of the year.  We all just hold on for the ride.  I feel like I have so much to share with you blog readers, I want to talk about my kids, how big they are getting, some weight loss stuff, and some other things.  So much to say, so little time.  Here is just a little bit of what I've been up to.  I will try and steer things back on the track after the Holiday.  Enjoy!

~ Baby Nico ~

~ Alexis and Nate ~
~ Baby Andrew ~
~ Mindy & Mike ~

~ Sarah & Jesse ~ WEDDING PHOTOS

As I type this blog post Sarah and Jesse are on their way home from a beautiful honeymoon in Belize. 
They were married a week and a half ago on a warm June day.  They wrote each other letters before the wedding.  There aren't many things I would go back and change about my own wedding nearly 9 years ago, but this is one of them.   I wish we would have written down exactly how we were feeling.   

That time is so fleeting, and things change so quickly, with responsibility, mortgages, children, etc…  

Days leading up to your wedding is like the steep climb of a good roller coaster, the big hill at the  beginning of the ride, you can hear the slow clicking as you white-knuckle it towards the sky, not knowing what's around the corner except that it's going to be wild, fast, a little scary, and alot of fun and hopefully, your best friend is the seat next to you. 
Sarah, you win girl.  You married the worlds nicest guy.   And not just because he cried when you came down the aisle.  But because he is one of the warmest and most genuine folks I've ever met.   So caring, and cognizant of other peoples needs.   On his wedding day he had every right to be selfish, yet I always found him checking on others instead.  The cherry on top is that he was so excited about marrying YOU :)   You guys make the perfect couple and I am so happy for you. 
Checking out her new hardware after the ring exchange :)

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