~ Beth and Patrick ~

I felt like I knew Beth even though I'd never met her. She was a "Mystery Bride" (Bride who books by phone that I don't meet until the wedding day) this usually makes me a little nervous...but with all the cute e-mails she has sent over the past year with comments about a blog post, or a "congratulations on your pregnancy" e-mail I was completely at ease.

When I pulled up to this gorgeous farm land and sprawling open fields I squealed in delight at all the photo possibilities! I loved the area so much at one point I asked Beths dad to "adopt me" so I could live there....he politely declined :)Beautiful fall colors were everywhere!But then...just moments after the ceremony...I smelled it....R-A-I-N. I can sniff out rain like a bloodhound dog, I said to Beth "I thought it wasn't suppose to rain today" "It's not I checked the forecast" she said, - but I knew better....my wedding rain nose is never wrong....and within about 20 minutes it started pouring, and pouring.However rain has never really bothered me on a wedding day, if anything it's a challenge and adds to the fun. Put that attitude together with a willing bride and groom and a couple big trees or covered porches and rain isn't even an issue.We had to do most of our photos under this huge full oak tree, it was a great sheild from the rain.Here is what the guys looked like in the downpour waiting for their photos "under the tree".With my belly getting bigger and bigger I think I'm going to need a bigger umbrella.
Congratulations Beth and Patrick! And thank you to Elisa and Pamela for shooting with me!

~ Congratulations Jennifer and Ronnie ~

As soon as I met with Jennifer in a Starbucks last year I was excited to shoot her wedding. She was beautiful, and kind, and everything I look for in a Kelly Manno bride. On her wedding day she did not disappoint, she was STUNNING! P.S. I love when brides wear their hair down! Her and Ronnie were married outside at Tower Grove Park.Quick photographer tip : Although we all dread direct sun, if you can find the right shade in that sun you can create some beautiful back lit portraits like the ones below. These were all taken in harsh sun, just under a shady tree.The whole crew~!Gorgeous details!And now...some super adorable bride and groom portraits! This couple did not take a bad photo all day, I give them all the credit :)

A BIG thank you to my second shooter Erica who was a super trooper all day!
Sadly, Ronnies mother fell very ill and was not able to make it to the wedding.
Her presence was strongly felt but greatly missed,
I hope my photos can give her a small peek of what it was like to be there.

~ Last Week ~

I spent last week with a handsome little man named "Noah" and a gorgeous little girl named "Cadence" ENJOY :)

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