Amanda and Conye

I had 6 portrait sessions last weekend so look for a busy week here on the blog! Amanda and Conye' are getting married later this year, when it came time for their engagement photos they brought along their beauitful daughter to get in a few of them :)

Isn't she a doll? Then it was time for her to go off and play with her aunts and cousin so I could focus on mom and dad :)

~Mommy and Me Session~

I had a really fun "Mommy and Me" session last weekend with Dena and Ava!

PLEASE NOTE : My family sessions are 100% booked up from now until October. So if you'd like any family photos with me this year now is the time to book.

~Tiffany and Joe ~

A couple weekends ago I traveled out to St. Clair Missouri to shoot the wedding of Tiffany and Joe! The wedding was in a beautiful location and we had a really sweet bride and groom. The day went off without a hitch!

Thank you to my wonderful assistant Kelly for keeping me company all day and getting some great shots like this :)

And a big thank you to my cousin Randee Anne who is friends with the bride and referred this wedding to me. It's always nice to get to hang out with family while you work.

(...yes I know we look alike too)


Yesterday I was featured in the Sunday edition of the New York times!

I was just a little bit excited :)

For the entire article click here

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I completed my 3rd and final workshop in the "Building Your Business 101" series and it was so much fun. When I first thought of doing a workshop my biggest fear was that no one would show up :) The fact that I was able to do 3 is just amazing, I am happy to find so many people so eager to learn about the wonderful world of photography.

It's now time for me to take a break from workshops and focus on busy wedding season but I've got some big plans for next years workshops!

Thank you to our beautiful models Katie and Phillip!


The shot...


The Shot...

By the way a BIG thank you to David at Studio Altius for putting up with all these workshops :) If any photographer out there needs to rent a studio give Dave a call or check out his website here.

ALSO *** Someone left a green American eagle jacket at the studio and I have it :) Let me know if it's yours!

Will they call it a wedding???

This wedding had all the familiar feelings of most weddings I shoot..

Lots of excitement in the "getting ready" room...

Cute kids...

People wanting to "capture every moment"...

A beauitful bride getting ready...

Another beautiful bride getting ready...

...wait a minute...2 brides??? A double wedding??? No friends, 2 brides marrying each other. But before we go any further I think it's very imporant that you read part of the letter Jenny and Katie sent out with their save the dates:

So... is it a wedding? A commitment ceremony? A holy union? Well, we’re calling it a wedding, but that’s not really important. Marriage is much more than a piece of paper and recognition by the government. It is a time to come before our families and friends and ask for God’s blessing on our love and our life together. Our marriage will not be recognized by the government, but we hope that in your eyes, we will be married to each other. It is our wish that when all is said and done, you won’t notice the labels and the politics - you’ll notice the love. -Katie and Jenny that you've read that on with the photos!

Something really cool happened during the ceremony. I've often seen a pastor ask if anyone in the congregation wants to lay hands on the couple to pray for their marriage and love, usually a few people will go up...but with Katie and Jenny half the church went up! It was amazing, as a Christian myself just beautiful to see them surrounded by so much love and support.

My assistant Stephanie captured a great shot of it from the balcony.

They also hired wedding coordinator extraordinaire Sabrina, between her, me, Steph and the girls we had an absolute blast!

Katie and Jenny I am so happy for you guys, you wedding day was flawless and everything you wanted it to be! I can't wait for you to see the rest of the photos.

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