Eeek! I was robbed!

Okay, not really. But I sure felt robbed. Our church makes little program booklets once every couple years and all the families have to get their photos taken. Getting your photo for the booklet is free, but you have the option of buying additional photos. I knew I probably wouldn't buy much since I have about a bazillion photos of my family, plus I'm not too big on "studio" photos anyway.

But one of them was kind of cute so I thought I would get a little 4x6 for my desk. When she gave me the total I almost fell out of my chair, $22.00!!! For one 4x6 photo? That they don't even have to edit? Then I found out a 8x10 would have been $45.00!!!

I guess I was hit especially hard since I know exactly how much it cost for that measly little 4x6. People ask me all the time why I don't raise my prices....that's why, I would never ever want my clients to feel the way I did leaving...robbed!

Speaking of family photos...

We got our "real" family photos taken recently by my friend Gina, the great thing about Gina is she shot our wedding 5 years ago. So it was fun for her to catch up with us and see the kiddos, etc...

Even as a photographer as our date approached I had the same aniexty my clients do...."I hope the weather is okay"..... "what should I wear"...... "I hope my kids don't act like hooligans", it really gave me a better understanding what all of YOU go through on the other side of the lens!
Luci had just learned how to clap and we were really excited about it :)

~Happy Birthday Luci~

My big girl turned 1 over the weekend and broke mommy's heart. Why do they have to grow up so fast? Please click the link below to see all her birthday fun! Make sure your speakers are turned up!

Click HERE to see Lucis slideshow!

P.S. I want to thank Tony for helping me out with alot of these photos! It's hard work to throw a party AND be the photographer so he was BIG help!

~Fall is Full~

Just wanted to let everyone know my fall schedule is completely full. I will be taking no more bookings. If you are interested in family photos and missed out please contact me and I will put you on my Spring 2009 waiting list!


Whoo hooo! I am on vacation! I'm not going anywhere, just taking a few weeks off to spend time with my family. So I will still be around answering e-mails, and calls but no shoots, no editing! Which means this blog may be kind of slow for a little while but I will try and keep it a little busy with super cute photos of my kids.
Speaking of kids, my little LuLu (aka my daughter Luci) is turning one year old this weekend. To be honest I cry just thinking about it is seems like all THIS was just yesterday.
We are having a big pink princess party and I made her invitations myself...check them out! Of course I have a photographer covering the party so look for lots of pictures coming soon!


~Congrats to Beth and Rob~

Didn't they have the cutest programs ever? There were little caricatures of the entire bridal party.
The girls :)The guys :)Love the Foundry Art Centre! Great place for receptions.Thanks to "word of mouth" advertising I almost always see former brides at my weddings! You may remember Emily and Barrett from earlier this year! Thanks so much for the referral Emily, and thanks to Beth and Rob for a laid back fun wedding day! And a big thank you to the LeLe girls for shooting with me!

~ The photo shoot that ended in the ER ~

We'll get to that in a minute...but first meet my friend Jen and her gorgeous family! I've known Jen forever, since Junior high. I've shot her engagement session, her wedding, the birth of her daughter, and now her family! Funny story about Paige, she was born 17 hours before my daughter Luci was born. So when I shot her Birth Story I was moments away from having a baby myself (now that's what you call working up until the last minute) - in the hospital her doctor asked me if I wanted him to do a "2 for 1 deal "Okay, so another story about Paige, this one not so funny. Mom brought this cute cowgirl hat and I knew the perfect hay-stack to go with it.

Mom was right next to her at arms reach but quick as lighting Paige leaned forward and landed headfirst on the ground, she hit a small rock and split open her head right at the hair-line. I don't mean to be gruesome but I've never seen so much blood come out of a baby, it was terrifying!

Mom and Dad handled it like pro's and Paige was one tough cookie. Once we got the bleeding to stop they took her to St Johns, she ended up getting one staple to close the wound and now she is doing fine. So there you have it...the first time one of my shoots ended in the ER, let's hope that's a first and a last time!

~Meet beautiful Baby Julian~

Julian was such a good baby for his newborn session, he was almost too good....he slept through nearly the whole thing. Can you find the baby?Dad had these cool decorative plates all over the house, so we stuck him in one of those...that woke him up they were cold :)Mom & Dad look so proud :)

~Lotsa Babies~

I had 2 birthstories to shoot last week. Both of these families are repeat birth clients. It is so special for me to see their little boys grow so big knowing I was there when they we're born. Now they both have little sisters to torture :)

"...And I thought I was tired"
I have 2 kids under the age of 3 and my head can't hit the pillow fast enough at night. But these guys have me beat...they have 3 kids under the age of 2!!!First came their adorable little boy Henry. And then TWINS!They are such a sweet family, and all the babies were just adorable to shoot!

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