Ep - 68 NFL player refuses to stand for the national anthem, plus we have a video of what might be the most crazy woman in the world.

Hey Kids! Kelly and her gang went to the Luke Bryan concert on Friday and, while the concert was great, we've discovered that staying up that late just isn't for us in the "late-30's" crowd anymore. As evidenced by the crabby end-of-the-night photo in the parking lot. Here's to plenty of beauty sleep for us all!

Next, Kelly, Hoss and Gary weigh in on a school sending a permission slip home for a child's participation in the Pledge of Allegiance (REALLY??) and Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers and his refusal to stand for the National Anthem at a game. Do you agree with his reasons or think its disrespectful as an American? This one gets a little heated so stand back folks!

We also welcomed Jen from Sacred Movement in St. Charles into the studio to tell us all about the belly dancing classes that Kelly has been taking!

Ladies, if you're looking for some female empowerment along with a great workout, this place is definitely for you! Beginner classes start up again in September so call to get in before it fills up! 314-398-8184 or visit http://www.sacredmovementstudio.com/

Jen also happens to be a long-time friend of Hoss' and we got to take a quick trip down memory lane to find out what Hoss was really like in high school!

And, uh, speaking of crazy... Who saw the video of this millionaire couple and the deranged chick beating herself up on surveillance? Hashtag richpeopleprobz.

And would you be mad if someone at your kid's school brought these cups to lunch? Its a pretty famous 'Mean Girls' movie line but some parents are saying its another way for kids to bully each other. Do you agree or do you think its just a cup and people are overreacting?

You can apparently get them at Walmart now, so if you feel like sitting alone, you can let your drinkwear do the talking. Just don't forget that on Wednesday's we wear pink.

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Ep. 67 - Ryan Lochte is a tool, Brock Lesnar is a monster and people get stupid at airports!

We are back after an extra day off and we started things off with Ryan Lochte. Can we just be done with this guy now or is he going to get another season of his reality show out of this fiasco? Listen to his interview with Matt Lauer this morning.

Kelly indulged the boys for a bit because there were some big doings out of SummerSlam on Sunday involving St Louis native Randy Orton. In his match with Brock Lesnar, Lesnar took things a bit too far and threw some vicious MMA style elbows to the head of Orton and completely gashed his head. 

Check out the aftermath

Hoss spent another weekend with his one true love, Axl Rose, in his hometown of LA. Apparently people who fly Southwest have not passed the 5th grade to know their letters and numbers and to make a 4 hour delay coming home even worse, there was a child who simply would not stop crying from takeoff to touchdown!!

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Ep - 66 The Ambien apology show, PLUS Diarrhea walking in the Olympics.

Kelly and Hoss welcome back Stephanie for this episode and start the show off right with a legendary Olympic Diarrhea walking race. Spoiler alert: Kelly's tiny legs smoked Hoss in the final 20 yards to take the gold! Check out the Facebook Live replay for the full race.

After Kelly and Hoss recapped the Ambien show from last time, complete with 'what I don't remember' and full apology list, it was all things Olympics! Tune in to hear our analysis of the Ellen Degeneres/Usain Bolt photo, the Ryan Lochte Rio mugging controversy and horse dancing (?). Its apparently a thing.

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Two idiots take prescription Ambien, fight the sleep, and do a podcast. Listen Here!


t's the Ambien show....something that's been brewing for a while. Ambien is the most widely prescribed sleeping pill in the world.  However,  those who take it, and don't go straight to bed have found them selves in some funny and scary situations.

Kelly and Hoss each took an Ambien midway through the show....fought the sleep and then finished the podcast. Take a listen to hear how it unfolded

Our good friend Donna Harris came by to help Jimmy and Producer Gary supervise the test cases. She had Kelly and Hoss both perform impairment tests, which they both promptly failed miserably. 

After a myriad of topics were discussed (and Kelly made sure to ask if we had discussed everything) Kelly ended the show with a rousing version of the shows closing song by the Spice Girls and she was DEFINITELY third date close to the microphone!!

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Ep 64 - This show is RATED R - but it's funny as hell so listen anyway.

You can thank Hoss and our guest Rob Matt for the R rating this week, couple of F bombs and some personal pleasure talk, but it's funny as hell so listen anyway.  Just not with little kids.

My old Steve and DC cohort Rob "So Cool I Have TWO First Names" Matt (I am sure he has NEVER heard that before) joined in on all the craziness today...and we were ALL over the place!!

So in this age of instant technology, have you ever sent a text to the completely WRONG person? Well Hoss did just that to yours truly last week and immediately was mortified. See for yourself. 

When the heck did shopping for school supplies become so ridiculous? Kellys husband spent $161 at Walmart for ONE kid!  The lists theses days are ridiculously specific....Little Susie needs a yellow folder with 2 pockets, 3 gold prongs, a plastic backing and 19 tiny unicorn hairs glued to the front. 

The Olympics started this weekend and it started off a little more risque than even I think the Brazilians wanted it to be. What do YOU see here?

Competition in different events started but it is already over for one French gymnast, If you are squeamish, look away. Or don't!! 

Congrats to Heather Hart for winning the tickets to see Gwen Stefani later this week, Just goes to show you never know what listening to the show and sharing the show can get you. Keep listening and keep sharing. We love all of you!!

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