Ep. 67 - Ryan Lochte is a tool, Brock Lesnar is a monster and people get stupid at airports!

We are back after an extra day off and we started things off with Ryan Lochte. Can we just be done with this guy now or is he going to get another season of his reality show out of this fiasco? Listen to his interview with Matt Lauer this morning.

Kelly indulged the boys for a bit because there were some big doings out of SummerSlam on Sunday involving St Louis native Randy Orton. In his match with Brock Lesnar, Lesnar took things a bit too far and threw some vicious MMA style elbows to the head of Orton and completely gashed his head. 

Check out the aftermath

Hoss spent another weekend with his one true love, Axl Rose, in his hometown of LA. Apparently people who fly Southwest have not passed the 5th grade to know their letters and numbers and to make a 4 hour delay coming home even worse, there was a child who simply would not stop crying from takeoff to touchdown!!

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