Ep 64 - This show is RATED R - but it's funny as hell so listen anyway.

You can thank Hoss and our guest Rob Matt for the R rating this week, couple of F bombs and some personal pleasure talk, but it's funny as hell so listen anyway.  Just not with little kids.

My old Steve and DC cohort Rob "So Cool I Have TWO First Names" Matt (I am sure he has NEVER heard that before) joined in on all the craziness today...and we were ALL over the place!!

So in this age of instant technology, have you ever sent a text to the completely WRONG person? Well Hoss did just that to yours truly last week and immediately was mortified. See for yourself. 

When the heck did shopping for school supplies become so ridiculous? Kellys husband spent $161 at Walmart for ONE kid!  The lists theses days are ridiculously specific....Little Susie needs a yellow folder with 2 pockets, 3 gold prongs, a plastic backing and 19 tiny unicorn hairs glued to the front. 

The Olympics started this weekend and it started off a little more risque than even I think the Brazilians wanted it to be. What do YOU see here?

Competition in different events started but it is already over for one French gymnast, If you are squeamish, look away. Or don't!! 

Congrats to Heather Hart for winning the tickets to see Gwen Stefani later this week, Just goes to show you never know what listening to the show and sharing the show can get you. Keep listening and keep sharing. We love all of you!!

Speaking of love..we love ALL of our great sponsors!!!

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