Ep - 68 NFL player refuses to stand for the national anthem, plus we have a video of what might be the most crazy woman in the world.

Hey Kids! Kelly and her gang went to the Luke Bryan concert on Friday and, while the concert was great, we've discovered that staying up that late just isn't for us in the "late-30's" crowd anymore. As evidenced by the crabby end-of-the-night photo in the parking lot. Here's to plenty of beauty sleep for us all!

Next, Kelly, Hoss and Gary weigh in on a school sending a permission slip home for a child's participation in the Pledge of Allegiance (REALLY??) and Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers and his refusal to stand for the National Anthem at a game. Do you agree with his reasons or think its disrespectful as an American? This one gets a little heated so stand back folks!

We also welcomed Jen from Sacred Movement in St. Charles into the studio to tell us all about the belly dancing classes that Kelly has been taking!

Ladies, if you're looking for some female empowerment along with a great workout, this place is definitely for you! Beginner classes start up again in September so call to get in before it fills up! 314-398-8184 or visit http://www.sacredmovementstudio.com/

Jen also happens to be a long-time friend of Hoss' and we got to take a quick trip down memory lane to find out what Hoss was really like in high school!

And, uh, speaking of crazy... Who saw the video of this millionaire couple and the deranged chick beating herself up on surveillance? Hashtag richpeopleprobz.

And would you be mad if someone at your kid's school brought these cups to lunch? Its a pretty famous 'Mean Girls' movie line but some parents are saying its another way for kids to bully each other. Do you agree or do you think its just a cup and people are overreacting?

You can apparently get them at Walmart now, so if you feel like sitting alone, you can let your drinkwear do the talking. Just don't forget that on Wednesday's we wear pink.

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