Ep. 69 - Parents everywhere are losing their minds over water bottle flipping.

Kellys family took their annual trip to Six Flags over the weekend. This conversation had Kelly and Hoss getting nostalgic about their trips to 6 flags as kids.  Kelly, her mom, and Aunt Linda, even had time to re-create this old photo on the Log Flume. About 35 years between these 2 photos. Good thing Kelly finally kicked her bottle habit or this would be a very embarrassing photo. 

Everyone agreed that" The Screaming Eagle" is still an awesome roller coaster after all these years. Being 7 feet tall means Hoss can't ride very many of the coasters anymore, but he did have a chance to ride the X2 when he was in California. This is one of the sickest coasters we've ever seen, check it out below.

Hoss has been getting some dirty looks for wearing this Trump supporter look alike hat. No need to worry folks just a souvenir from his Prophets of Rage show over the weekend. 

The guy in the video below is solely responsible for every parent in America losing their damn minds lately. He started the sensation of water bottle flipping, which is about as simple as it sounds.  Kelly's pre-teen son Rocky stopped by the show to give us a lesson in flipping. 

Our resident psychic Lisa Pini stopped by the show today! We always have fun when she's around. She's also a dream interpreter.  Kelly and Producer Gary both had similar dreams about their Dads who have passed away. She interprets those and also covers the basics...dreams about falling, a cheating spouse, or showing up naked to school!  To get in touch with Lisa or book her for your own party you can email her at blackcatpsychic@aol.com or call her at 315-796-6014.
Former Stanford student Brock Turner is a free man after serving ONLY 3 months in prison for the rape of an unconscious woman. The nation is in an uproar, protestors have set up camp outside his parents home in Ohio and show no signs of leaving anytime soon.  To see more photos and read the full update on this situation click here. 

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