Ep 72 - Suicide awareness month with Special Guest Susan Pyles, Proud Momma of Brandon Pyles.

This show is dedicated to the spirit and bright light of Brandon Pyles. 

Over the weekend Hoss had to "Play Uncle" with Kellys son Rocky, and take him to a very important hockey tryout. Find out how he screwed up so badly, and hear the hilarious text conversation that caused the whole mess. 

The littlest Manno, Libby Lu had her first soccer game over the weekend. She definitely had the largest cheering squad and made her family so proud. 

Once in a while a segment on our show comes along and knocks us off our feet.  As was the case today with our guest, Susan Pyles. 6 years ago her middle son, Brandon took his own life. This beautiful woman took one of the most sour lemons life has to offer, and made something that resembles lemonade.  Her faith, and her heart, and her testimony is something everyone should have the privilege to hear. We were so thankful that she stopped by today to tell us about her son Brandon.

To see more photos of Brandon and hear more from Susan make sure you follow her Facebook remberence page dedicated to Brandon, click here to join. 

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Hope and Healing with Dr. Wolfelt at the Family Arena October 18th.  For more details click HERE.

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