Ep. 71 - You will never complain about your job again once you hear about this guys "SHITTY" job....literally

Meet our guest today BEN!  Yes that's poop, and yes he probably has the grossest job ever, more on that in a minute...
Welcome back, fans! Kelly is soooo happy to have Hoss back in the co-host seat this week. Producer Stephanie just got back from working in Chicago this weekend and Hoss talks about his trip to New York last week. In addition to work, he got to meet Norman Reedus! Find out who was most excited to see this picture of him with Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.

We also discussed the possibility of a Halloween show next month. With Kelly and Stephanie's aversion to scary stuff, it might end up being more 'Hocus Pocus' than 'Nightmare on Elm Street'.

We also talked about the total WTF moment for Corey Feldman on the Today show on Friday. Did you guys see this painful performance? Now Corey is sobbing in the media talking about how he's so hurt that everyone is being so critical of the appearance. Check out the clip below and let us know what you think of his performance of 'Go 4 it' on the Today Show:

Our special guests today were Ben and Julie Roberts! Ben works as an Operating Engineer for the Granite City Waste Water Treatment Plant... Which basically means he works in poop all day. We were on Facebook Live for this one so check out the replay or listen to hear all you ever wanted to know (and probably MORE than you ever wanted to know) about what happens when you flush.

Ben's even taken video of the "shitty" job!! Thanks, Ben! You're welcome, Internet.

We also talk about the 18-yr old girl who is suing her parents over childhood Facebook photos of her. Do you post embarrassing photos of your kids? Do you think she has a case? We can't make this stuff up, you guys!

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