Ep 73 - What's the WORST job you ever had?

We're back, did you miss us?? A little late this week but we're on it! Ugh, is your October as crazy as ours? Kelly and Producer Stephanie kick off the show talking about how nuts the fall season has gotten for them. Has this become just the 'pre-season' for the holidays?

We also weigh in on whether Kim Kardashian's harrowing encounter with robbers in Paris could've been an inside job... Plus, how did Kanye find out so quickly? Some interesting points come up here for us. What do you think of the ordeal? Is it legit? Does she invite this kind of thing with her constant social media postings? Read the story here!

If you're in the Kelly Manno Show Facebook Chat group, you might've seen this photo already, but check out this burger that Hoss had over the weekend in Louisville. There's at least 5 different animals represented here and that's not counting the side of fries! Listen to hear the full story and get the rundown of ingredients. Making you hungry yet??

Lastly, we reached out to the fans to find out the worst job you ever had or the job you were the worst at! No doubt that our guest from a couple weeks ago, Ben Roberts, wins that race hands down with being a sewer all day long. The facebook post got more than a few crazy responses and Kelly and Hoss detail their own 'bad job' experiences from panic buttons and police response to a pickle incident in aisle 4.

Still, aren't you glad you're not this guy??

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