Episode 57- The Manno's are FINALLY moving, Kelly is making some bad adult decisions, is anyone shocked?

After months of threatening to do it, the Mannos are FINALLY moving!! Needless to say, Kelly is just a bit stressed out.

Kelly talks about doing a very "Manno" thing in regards to "the Cadillac of couches" that she bought even though she knows for a fact it will not fit in the room she wants it in. Be on the look out for Kelly and Jimmy on Facebook live looking like this.... 

But apprarently Kelly may never make to the new house because she thinks she going to die from the hiccups. Producer Gary offered a remedy that his wife uses that has never failed and Kelly poo-poo'd him but it is obvious from this picture Kelly found that someone else knows the cure too!! 
Kelly played audio of her hiccups and it reminded Hoss of the laugh of Lewis Skolnick from Revenge of the Nerds. Listen to the show and compare!!
Why are people so stupid? That might be a million dollar question.  Over the weekend 30 people needed to seek medical treatment after getting 2nd degree burns at a Tony Robins ceremony walking over hot coals.
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