June 25, 2010

~ I heart Donna ~

One morning about 5-6 years ago I stopped by the Steve and DC studios to visit my old bosses with our new baby. I had a brief 5 minute introduction to Donna, one of the new girls on staff and had no clue how many ways out lives would intertwine over the next few years.Not only did I become her client (at her hair salon) she became my client (photography) I was there when her baby Roman was born, I'll be there when this baby is born, she is now one of my Bellies and Babies photographers, and more than anything a friend.
Donna is beautiful inside and out, she is such a genuine and good-hearted person. It's easy to be around her becauseshe always has such a positive personality.
Her hubby and beautiful little guy are just wonderful too :) They look like a family straight out of the JC Penney catalogue.

Donna has another little boy on the way, she totally fits the "cute girlie mom surrounded by a bunch of boys" thing.

Donna, I love you girl! I have only known you 5 years but it feels like 50 :) Thanks for being such a good friend, I can't wait to meet the new little one. To learn more about Donna's salon business click here, to learn more about her photography business click here.


Lisa Scherer said...

Such beautiful photos...every single one of them is gorgeous. I was lucky enough to meet Donna at the Kelly Manno workshop I attended. And I agree...what a sweet heart!

Cindy Lee Photography said...

Donna is so freakin pretty.. great photos, Kelly.