Ep. 80 - We have a big announcement, the crew talks about their Thanksgiving break, and we break down the "Hatchimals" craze!!

Sorry if the blog is a little naked today. Producer Stephanie has the day off!

Everyone is moving in slow motion today, a.k.a "dragging ass" - after a 4 day break it's hard to get going.

Hoss spent his second Thanksgiving with Kellys family. Hoss and Jimmy try to explain the craziness of Kellys family and how it all seems to work.  Their biggest tip....don't get involved in the fights! LOL
The Hatchimal craze is in FULL effect. Both of Kellys girls are asking for one which is making for some crazy shenanigans to get their hands on them!

Finally, our big announcement. The Kelly Manno show is moving to MORNINGS!  Monday mornings to be exact. Now you can enjoy the Kelly Manno show every Monday LIVE at KellyManno.com tune in for the first one on Monday December 5th at 7am!

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