Ep. 81 - The secret to buying Hatchimals and a major concert announcement from Hoss!

GOOD MORNING! Yep, we can say that now because, friends, The Kelly Manno Show is officially a LIVE MORNING SHOW! Wake up with us (and lots of caffeine) from now on at 7am Mondays and get your week started right!

If you missed the show live and want to listen later (or again), we'll still be posting the podcast like normal, but tune in Monday mornings live at KellyManno.com to hear the fun at 7am!

This week, Kelly and Jimmy reveal the secret to getting the coveted Hatchimals for Christmas this year. Seems like every kid wants one and if you're still looking, check it out to get the details to get your own. OR you could enter our crazy contest and WIN one this week! More on that in a minute...

Next, Hoss has the mother of all concert announcements! Yes friends, its his Christmas morning because after 26 years, Guns 'n Roses coming back to St. Louis! Not only that, they're kicking off the tour right here on June 27th at the Dome at America's Center! You couldn't wipe the smile off his face today if you tried.


So because The Kelly Manno show is awesome like this, we're giving away a Hatchimal this week!! And because The Kelly Manno show is also crazy, we have to do it with a contest that makes you do stupid stuff.

Its Ugly Selfie time, kids! Upload your ugliest selfie today to the Kelly Manno Facebook page and use the hashtag #ihatekellymanno to enter for your chance to win the Hatchimal. We'll take entries until 8pm Monday night (Dec 5th). We'll then go through them and pick our top 5 to post and let the listeners vote for their favorite. Friday morning we'll announce the winner! Easy! Go do it! Don't forget the hashtag or it doesn't count.

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