~ Mindy and Mike ~

I've known Mindy since we were shakin' our butts together on the Granite City Pom squad.   She was a couple years older than me and I always looked up to her.  She was a cool senior with great hair, boobs, and a boyfriend.   I was a freshman with braces, bad hair,  and a training bra.   It's almost tradition on that squad that the Freshman live vicariously through the Seniors and I certainly did that through Mindy. 
I was really excited when Mindy asked me to shoot her wedding.   I've gotten to know her and Mike,  through their beautiful daughter Natalie (above) I shot their Maternity photos last year.   I loved seeing their family and children blend together as one.  They were married at the Larimore plantation, and despite the crazy wet weather we've had lately,  it was beautiful for them. 
Big sister, little sister,  makes my heart swell. 



Whoever said socks and sandals are a fashion faux pas clearly didn't know these girls. 
Happy wedding day Mindy and Mike.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it.  If you didn't get enough of their photos in this blogpost,  check out their slideshow below. 

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