April 30, 2013

~ Lauren & Alex ~

I had so much fun with Lauren and Alex at their engagement session.   Not only did I get to know them better, but I also got a sneak peek at the ceremony location for later this year.   

Alex is a country boy,  they are getting married on his property.   They  currently live in Daniel Boones grandsons house!   Talk about a history lesson,  I totally went home and googled Daniel Boone to give myself a refresher course, because Lord knows that information went in one ear and out the other in high school.  

They met in the cutest way.  Alex was managing a bar when he spotted Lauren across the street at different bar.   She intrigued him. He wanted to talk to her so badly that he shut down his whole bar to walk over an introduce himself.  Isn't that romantic?   It turned out in his favor,  he may have lost alot in bar sales that night but he met the love of his life.