~ Luci and Libby Lu ~

When I was growing up I begged, and begged my mom to give me a sister.   I had a brother,  who was my best friend, but I always wanted to know what it was like to have a sister.   I was jealous of girls who had sisters,  I had best friends,  who at time felt like sisters.   But I always longed for that bond of a real sister.   Now, I have 2 little girls.  And to get to view sisters from this point of view takes my breath away. 
They love each other so much.  They hug, and kiss, and sleep together.  They call each other "Sissy" and always like to be together.   I'm trying to relish in the moment because I know in the blink of an eye they will be throwing bottles of hair spray at each other, slamming doors,  and call me the B word under their breath.  But right now they are perfect, and I really wanted to capture how much they love each other.

Taking photos of your own kids is always a challenge, and exhausting.   But I gave it a whirl.   Anytime Libby Lu actually noticed I was trying to take her picture she would make the ugliest face she possibly could and make this noise like a donkey was dying. 

And at this point in Luci's life it's almost impossible to capture a natural photo of her,  if she sees a camera she will not stop posing.   Then she wants to see the photo, critique it, and have you re-take it with her suggestions. She's just a little bit bossy.   I have no idea where she gets that. 
Oh and then there were the skirts.   100 yards of fabric each sounded fabulous on the website.  The bigger the better right?  But these things were heavy.  They were usually holding hands when I had them run or twirl,  and if one went down they both went down.   Luckily they were easy to find.   Trying to pull them out of the weeds in those skirts reminded me of those rescues you see on television when a horse gets stuck in a mud pit.

But somewhere in between all the ridiculous out-takes.   I did manage to get some decent pictures of these two.  They are as different as night and day,  but they are sisters and they love each other. 
My favorite :)

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