EPISODE 107 - Walter Wright is in studio with us, and GUNS N FREAKING ROSES are coming back to St. Louis for the first time since the 1991 riots.

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Walter Wright is a bit of a legend in St. Louis. Chances are good if you've been to a concert in the last 30 years you've seen him, or maybe he even tossed you out of a show (tune in for a story about the time he kicked Kelly out of an URGE show 18 years ago). He sits down with us for an exclusive interview about his career in the security business. Find out which celebrities impressed him, and you'll be shocked when you find out which one disappointed him and who left him the most starstruck. 

He had a front row seat of the Guns N Roses riot of 1991 and he tells us the story from a security guards point of view. 

If you need a refresher of that 1991 riot check out the link below.

Finally we had 2 listeners come in studio and battle it our for a pair of Guns N Roses tickets. Who went home a winner? Find out now on Episode #107 of The Kelly Manno Show Podcast. 

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