EPISODE 105 - Gross things you do with your spouse, and naked hockey players.

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Do you pop your husbands pimples for him? Have a conversation while one of you is on the toilet? Or share bathwater? Apparently many people do. Find out who on the show admits to the gross stuff.

But first! We are joined by Jen from Sacred Movement today hanging out and talking about a new class happening at her studio. Welcome back, Jen!

So we were live on Facebook talking about this car that somehow got on the roof of a house in St. Louis. Just how fast was this guy going to get enough air to be get himself on the roof of that house? Check out the story here!

We also talked about how ESPN put out their 2017 Body issue and Kelly and Hoss think they made everyone in that issue look awesome and badass, but they made the hockey players look stupid. Thoughts?

Next, we cement ourselves as one of THE coolest Podcasts in the area with the announcement of our Guns n' Roses Concert Ticket Giveaway Contest! If you missed the video about how to enter, check it out on Kelly's Facebook page for all the details, but HURRY! We'll be picking two people to come in and go head to head to choose a winner on Wednesday! GO GET IT HERE!

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