Poor Luci, she's been so sick. A double ear infection and a bad, bad chest cold. So bad that Grandma had to spend the night twice for back up support!

But she is getting better, she is the chubbiest little thing you've ever seen. At her 4 month check up she weighed in the 90% percentile for her age again :( Poor thing I don't think that leopard print bikini I bought her is going to fit this summer!

Here is a conversation I had at Walmart the other day:

Some Lady: Aww your baby is so cute, how old is she?
Me: Thank you, she's 4 months.
Some Lady: Oh my, I have a grand-baby that's 4 months and I think yours could swallow mine whole.
Me: That's nice

Here's my girl...nothing but cheeks :)

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