EPISODE 110 - Our guests Chasity and Chris have been blind since birth, your questions answered.

Listen to "Episode 110 - Meet Chris and Chasity, who have both been blind since birth." on Spreaker.

Have you ever wondered what's it like to spend your entire life being blind? Do you see images when you dream? How do you pick out your clothes? What do you think the color yellow looks like? What is the stupidest thing a sighted person has ever said to you?

We find out the questions to those answers and much, MUCH more :) Chasity and Chris are our guests today,(along with Chasitys' guide dog, Glenn) they have both been blind since birth, and they told us no question was off the table. 

Which is why we ended up putting an "Explicit" rating on this show. Because whatever pops up in Chasitys head just comes flying out of her mouth. LOL  Buckle up and enjoy this one! As always, if you like the show, SHARE the show :)

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