EPISODE 109 - We lost Piggy Smalls

We're back! Thank you to everyone for enduring our extended break. The Manno's were taking care of Piggy Smalls, their pet pig, who sadly lost his battle with an infection Friday night. He was only 2 1/2 years old and made friends with everyone he met. They did everything they could to save him and he will be sorely missed. Check out the tribute video below: 

Next, Hoss tells us about his friend's daughter who got in trouble at Basha High School in Chandler, AZ for a dress-code violation for wearing the cold-shoulder top you see on the left below. In contrast, the photo on the right shows what Basha High dresses their cheerleaders in...

What would cause a 41 year old man attending Burning  Man out in the desert to run into the 'burning man'? Toxicology reports are pending but we're suspecting ALL THE DRUGS. 

Poor Molly. Kelly's dog is embarrassed to be seen in public after a horrific 'haircut' to deal with a flea attack this weekend. Its ok, Molly. It'll fill in... eventually. 

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