Ep. 92 - Jimmy's birthday party, Kelly's near-death experience and meeting your heroes

Happy Birthday Jimmy! This weekend we all got to hang out at Jimmy's 40th birthday party Kelly put on and it was FUN. If you like an open bar and grade-schoolers doing karaoke, then you missed out on the time of your life. Listen in to hear our favorite bits of the night and Hoss' rendition of the 6-year-olds singing  'Let it Go'...

If you follow Kelly on Instagram (instagram.com/kellymanno) then you might've seen her nearly choke to death on cheese curds live on an insta-story. Just a lesson for you kids - don't try to sing 'Free Fallin' with a mouth full of fried cheese. You could choke and die and all your followers would see it. Thankfully Kelly is OK but its yet-another good PSA for safe use of social media.

Have you met any of your childhood heroes? Hoss is working feverishly to meet Axl Rose when he comes to St. Louis this summer, so we get to hear about how Kelly was obsessed with the band 'No Doubt' and how circumstances aligned so that she could follow them around the country on tour for a while and even share a banana with her idol, Gwen Stefani. Also find out if Hoss would rather spend an amazing weekend with Britney and never see her again or with Axl and never see him again. Decisions, decisions ...

Finally, Kelly weighs in  the latest Amy Schumer special to hit Netflix. Are you an Amy fan or is her humor too gross for you?

Ooh! Don't forget to sign up for the Kelly Manno Show's March Madness Tournament bracket... thing! Hoss knows way more about this than we do so he set it up. Pretty sure Kelly and Stephanie are just going to pick teams based on jersey colors and mascots. Get all the details on The Kelly Manno Show - Chat Group & Message Board on Facebook and the winner will get some cool prizes from the show!

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