Ep. 94 - Cuss words alert! That night Hoss almost went to jail - Plus, you'll never think of the name 'Nanette' the same way again...

I know we said we probably wouldn't have a show this week, but this awesome thing happened over the weekend... so we do a show. And its a good one, kids! Lucky you! Right now, let's just say some things went down at a charity trivia night and we ALMOST had to call Producer Stephanie to bail Hoss out of jail. More on that in a minute...

But first, get an update on the Kelly Manno Show March Madness brackets - you'll never guess who's doing surprisingly well having only selected teams based on colors. Also, find out when we'll have an interview with the lady who crashed her car because she saw a Sasquatch in her rear-view mirror. We're putting Jimmy's show-producer skills to the test to track her down and get her on the show. You won't want to miss that one!

And if you are in the generation that grew up with Eminem on the radio you've heard plenty about 'Hailie Jade' in his songs. Well, little Hailie is all grow'd up and has an instagram account now. Check it out! Looks like she turned out relatively normal - hooray!

Next, we get into the reason you're all here today... we'll just call it 'the trivia night incident'. I don't want to give too much away. You really do have to listen to get the whole story with all the details (PARENTAL WARNING: We cuss here. A lot.), There was ultimately no violence but let's just say that trying to do 'passive aggressive' to Kelly doesn't work and she WILL stick up for herself when necessary. Tune in to get the details! We're just glad Hoss didn't have to turn green and rip his shirt...

Lastly, we tried to calm it down by talking about Brad's poor wife who got fired from Cracker Barrel after 11 years of service. Oh, you didn't hear about Brad's wife? Who's Brad? Why do we care that his wife got fired? All great questions. Sometimes the internet does awesome things for people in hilarious fashion. And sometimes we're totally immature and take things like Brad's poor wife's name to a whole 'nother place. You'll never think of the name 'Nanette' the same way again!

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