Ep 93 - St Louis Blues fan favorite CAM JANSSEN is here!!!

Professional NHL hockey player, and St. Louis Blues fan-favorite Cam Janssen joins the show today!

But first.... RIP Chuck Berry

A legend in the Rock 'n Roll world and St. Louis hometown favorite Chuck Berry died this weekend at 90 years old. We talk about the effect he had on music, other artists in the industry and even his influence on today's music scene. Not to mention ways that Kelly can get to his memorial service to be the paparazzi for all the huge celebrities that will no-doubt attend. The Gods of Rock gained another angel!

How big of a "Hoosier" is Kelly? That's a loaded question but it was brought up by a friend she picked up over the weekend who told her "honking" for someone in a driveway is a hoosier-move. She says that with today's technology, the proper etiquette is to text someone that you've arrived.

But you know what they say... you can't teach an old hoosier new tricks. Kelly's gonna keep honking!

Cam Janssen is one of the few people in this world that can pull off being bat-shit crazy and incredibly charming at the same time. He beats the shit out of people for a living but you'll have a hard time finding any enemies of his because he's literally nice to everyone. 

We got to sit down and talk one-on-one about his career, growing up a hockey player, and of course Kelly's son Rocky got in on the action, too, asking Cam who would win in a fight... him or the Blues' current enforcer Ryan Reaves? To find out the answer you'll have to listen to the show.

Kelly also mentioned her favorite Cam moment of all time. Goalies are usually very protected and "untouchable" in hockey. But let's just say Price was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The rest was pure mayhem.

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