Ep. 95 - The whole story of the cow incident and indecent things growing in the Manno front yard

Hope you're wearing your fun-derwear this week, kids, because we were back again LIVE on a Wednesday (?) night! Look, its been a crazy weekend and we just couldn't get it together to do a show on Monday. You'll forgive us, right? We got some cows saved so we're cool, yeah?

I swear we're going to get you the whole story about this but first, get the results of our Kelly Manno Show March Madness bracket! You'll never guess who won... Also, are you a take-out tipper? We're a little mixed on whether you should tip on the bill of a take-out order, and how much. Hoss says no because they're bringing your food or filling drinks, etc., but we got some comments that say definitely yes! Do you leave a tip if you're just picking up? Should you tip? Let us know what you think!

Ok here it is, people. Unless you were living under a rock this weekend, you heard about the six cows that got loose from the slaughterhouse truck last week in North St. Louis County. If you're a fan of our show, then you might also know that our beloved Kelly Manno heard about this on the news and immediately jumped in her minivan, donned her best T-Rex costume and lobbied harder than anyone to save these cows who ran for their lives. I won't go into specifics here, so you have to listen to get the full story. Suffice it to say that even with the most fervent of roadblocks at every turn and after hours and days of ups and downs, these valiant creatures will live out their days at a sanctuary farm thanks, in large part, to the awesome listeners of the Kelly Manno Show.

Really, all credit should go to The Gentle Barn who swooped in at the last minute to save the day. We love them and we'd love it even more if you checked them out and gave a donation to help their operation. There are good people in this world!

Lastly, Kelly's getting a little concerned that the tree growing in her front yard is starting to look a bit... inappropriate? Check out the photo and let us know if you think the tree looks like lady-parts.

They can't fill the hole because there's a family of, of all things, woodpeckers living in there. Kelly's worried that her neighborhood association is going to be upset about the tree, but you can't displace the woodpeckers! What's one to do with an indecent tree??

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