Ep 97 - The Netflix hit "13 Reasons" has everyone talking. If you have a teenager you want to listen to this show.

Listen to "Ep 97 - The Netflix show "13 reasons" has EVERYONE talking, and some mental heath experts fuming." on Spreaker.

Today Kelly and Hoss are joined by family therapist Kristina Kersting, and social worker Dave Lewis. They are here to help us dissect the new hit show "13 Reasons".

13 Reasons is the new new Netflix series that follows the weeks and months leading up to the suicide of a teenage girl, Hannah Baker. Instead of leaving behind a note, she leaves behind 13 tapes, each one dedicated to a different person she feels was instrumental in her decision to kill herself. 

This show has caused a great divide among mental health experts. Some are fuming and claiming the show glamorizes suicide. While others say it give a raw, hard look at the ugly truth behind the decision to take your own life.

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