Ep. 96 - Everything you didn't want to know about how Bruce becomes Caitlyn

Welcome back! Now that the cow drama is behind us, we're looking forward to getting back to our regularly scheduled jack-assery. 

First up, Kelly and Jimmy surprised their son Rocky this weekend with a trip to the Blues game and an opportunity to meet his favorite player, Brett Hull! 

He even autographed a jersey for him that Kelly's going to frame. What a cool guy!

Next up, it might be the only time I've seen Hoss' face go full-on green. We talked about how Bruce Jenner went through with gender reassignment surgery to become permanently Caitlyn. Us, being the curious folks we are, had to google what that surgery entails. You'll have to listen for our reactions but lets suffice to say its uhm... complicated. 

Would you ruin a friendship over $100K? We heard this story about a guy who got gipped out of a jackpot when he let his friend pull the lever on a slot machine and it hit bank. What would it take for you to turn on a friend? 

Lastly, you have to check out our latest prank video. This was so much fun! Kelly got dressed up as the Hamburgler and we drive around to local unsuspecting McDonald's to run through their drive through and freak out the staff. Comedy gold, people! You'll definitely want to share this one! Oh, and there MAYYYYY be a prize in it for you if you do. Details to come!!

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