St. Louis photographers know how to party!
Monday night The Knot threw a huge swanky industry party, the whole thing was planned by Sabrina at proposing dreams who is the most awesome wedding coordinator in town! Everyone in the wedding industry was there photographers, videographers, DJ's, caterers, etc...
Below is Me, Jenny and Jodi - this was pre-cocktails!The guy in the middle looking like he's getting his mug shot taken is Michael, a genius photographer who is the master mind of Studio B, Studio B is like a photo booth on crack, you can hire him to come to your wedding and take all these fun pics of your guests and he scrolls them on a jumbo-tron during your reception. It is a must have for 2008 brides!
I LOVE this pic below, so much freaking talent in this pic! I love having so many great friends in this industry who continue to inspire me. I love you guys! It was so good to see all you guys again, we need to hang out more often!
And a big thank you to my hubby who stayed home with the babies so I could have a mommy night out!
(FYI - all the images on my blog were scanned by my crappy scanner, Michael's Studio B work is much better quality than as it appears here :)

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