May 8, 2011

~ Happy Monday, a little of this and that ~

So do you remember Erin and Mark?  They've been on the blog before.  More than once.  Their most memorable appearance was probably their fabulous wedding day.   Need a reminder?  Click here.  So, if they got married nearly a year ago...why are they dressed in their wedding attire again, roaming the streets of Alton IL...and more importantly who is the random dude popping up in all my photos?    The mystery will be revealed soon, really exciting things are happening at Kelly Manno Photography and I can't wait to share it all soon :)

Also, meet Sweet Caroline.  She has been on this blog before as well, but then she was still in her mama's belly.  She is here and happy and healthy and has a wonderful Mom, Dad, and Big Brother to take care of her. 

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