~ See me after class ~

When I was a Junior in High School my chemistry teacher,  Mrs. Heath, caught me cheating on a test.  I remember getting that test handed back to me with "See Me after class" written in red on the top...I knew I was busted.  I thought I was dead meat, I begged her not to tell my mom.

There were 2 classes I cheated in in High School, one was Spanish, the other was Chemistry.  I never felt bad for a second.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life and this Illinois girl was never going to have a need for Chemistry or Spanish.  I figured I should take a stab at learning the basics like, oh, you know... English and Math, but Chemistry or Spanish was not in my future.  My only focus at that time was to keep my grades high enough to continue shaking my butt on the Pom Squad.

I got an e-mail a few weeks ago from that same Chemistry teacher asking me to shoot her daughters Senior Photos.  I haven't seen her since I graduated High School.  I felt instantly compelled to apologize again for cheating in her class 13 years ago,  feverishly writing an e-mail only to find out she didn't even remember it!  She laughed, I laughed and we both laughed about how something so catastrophic to me could be so forgettable to her.

I'm glad she didn't remember, her daughter, Carly, is beautiful and we got some fantastic images.

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