~ Rebecca and Sean...the story I don't know how to tell ~

I sit here looking at a blank screen...at a blinking cursor...I've tried to tell this story several different ways, but everything I write I back-space to death until it's gone....and again...the cursor just blinks.   Any words I use are not going to do this story justice.  So I will just stick with the facts.

On April 16th I had the honor of shooting the wedding of Rebecca and Sean.  Below is a photo of Rebecca's ring, Sean's ring, and a necklace urn that holds the ashes of Rebecca's sister, Stacy.  

In 2009, Rebecca's sister, Stacy, passed away after a devastating diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in her mid-thirties.   Rebecca and Stacy we're more than sisters, they were best friends, soulmates, or as Rebecca would describe her: the love of my life.   As Stacy left this world, she left behind for her sister one final gift.
In the final weeks of Stacy's life, she insisted on traveling all the way to Hillsboro to see this "Dr. McCaffrey" she had heard about.  Sort of as a last hope.  Her family, including her sister Rebecca, tried to talk her out of it.  Sensing the battle was coming to an end and trying not to give her sister any more false hope, she could think of every reason in the world not to go see Dr. McCaffrey.  It's too far away, it's a waste of time, please don't go.  But Stacy was adamant, she insisted. 
And so they traveled, across the state, to meet with Dr. McCaffrey.  After vigilant efforts, she still lost her battle with this vicious disease.  Dr. McCaffrey was there with her and the family in the final weeks of her life.  To care for her, treat her, and bring comfort to her family.  

So no, Dr. McCaffrey did not perform a miracle, but Stacy did.  I told you before that Stacy left her sister one final gift.  It is my please to introduce you to Dr. and Mrs. Sean and Rebecca McCaffrey.

Now, dry your tears, get yourself together, and enjoy the rest of the photos.  Congratulations, Rebecca and Sean.

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