April 29, 2011

~ Baby Evy 9 months old...and Baby Cameron on his way ~

My sweet baby Evy is getting so big.  I've been taking her photos since she was a newborn.  Her Mom and Dad have faithfully hired me every 3 months of her first year being sure not to miss a moment.  She is so lovable, we have big plans to get her and Libby Lu together for a playdate sometime soon.

Next meet Kim, or as she is known in the Manno household "Mimmy" - Mimmy was Luci's gymnastics teacher and our whole family just fell in love with her.   She and Gene are going to welcome a baby boy in just a few weeks and we are thrilled for her!

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Tony and Kristen Mueller said...

Evy is getting sooo big. What a sweet family. So glad they are doing so many sessions...these babies get sooo big SO fast!