~ Dear Spring, I love you ~

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner.  How do I know?  7 or 8 shirtless boys on my trampoline playing Wrestlemania.  You see, our neighborhood is full of boys.  As they shake off the rust from their winter hibernations, they pick up right where they left off last fall: traveling in a herd from house to house destroying nearly everything in their path...especially our poor refrigerators.  I cannot imagine how much these kids are going to eat when they are teenagers.   
The 4 of us moms who own these boys are going to have our work cut out for us in the next few years.  But it's okay, it's a lot of fun and I love that Rocky has friends so close to us.
Luci earned another stripe for her "Big Girl Book" - she got her first haircut.  Yes, folks, she is almost 4 and is just now getting her first hair cut.  My girls don't grow hair...they just don't.  Truth be told, she really didn't even need it, I just wanted her to know that haircuts existed and what they were.  
We went to the most sparkly, glittery, girly salon we could find.  It was a hit, she was in heaven.
Look at Libby Lu and her crabby little face- she was mad at me.  Germs don't scare me and I've been known to let my kids crawl around in some pretty questionable places, but I had to put my foot down at a hair salon with a floor covered in hair.  It would have been in her mouth in a nano-second.  
And of course, a few of the sweet blonde locks for her baby book.
Speaking of Libby Lu, the other night I caught her red handed at one of her favorite activities.  As I started to swoop her up and give her the "No-No" talk, I grabbed my camera instead and let that little baby unroll that toilet paper until her little heart was content.
She was so confused as to why she wasn't getting in trouble.  She would unroll a little bit and then pause, look at me, wait for correcting, smile real big when I didn't, and then go for it again.
So happy.  Happy, happy, Baby.  So blessed, so, so blessed.

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