~ Thinking outside the Box ~

I love when families give me a chance to be creative.  Donna is a friend of mine, she is also my "brain sister,"  because we think so much alike it's scary. 

So when it was time for her family photos I thought "You know...there is no rule that family photos have to be in a park.  If anyone is going to let me try something different it's Donna!"  With her two hip little boys, I knew we could make an urban setting work.  She was totally game and showed up with her cute little family wearing matching Chuck Taylors... girlfriend knew just want I was thinking ;)

Look at little Roman, his big brown eyes are to die for and this photo makes me swoon....what a little stud.  He will be such a heartbreaker one day.  Definitely one of my favorite photos I've ever taken of him.

We did head over to a park for the last few minutes of the session because Milo is only 7 months, and and we needed a safe place for him to roll around and get on the floor for some photos.
So now...I present to you.... Mommy & Milo in the grass- WAY too many cute ones for me to pick so I am just going to post a bunch of them because I love them all.

The family that looks like they should come in the picture frames you buy at Target.

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