~ Our Christmas Cards ~ 2013

Life isn't any fun if you take yourself too seriously.  

  2013 was a trying year,  our house was hit by a tornado and we lost my Dad.  

But there were good times too,  and we have to choose to focus on those.  At the end of the year we are still Team Manno, as we tell our kids,  we can get through anything as long we have each other and a sense of humor.   So Merry Christmas 2013,  from us to you. 

Fun Facts about our Christmas Card :

I actually drove to the studio with my bra on the outside of my shirt, praying I didn't get pulled over.  

I didn't let my husband shave for a week,  and he was instructed to show as much chest hair as possible.  

The picture doesn't do justice to Luci's hair,  it was 1980's huge,  and she is wearing Lee press on nails.

We wanted Libby Lu to make a mean face,  but she wouldn't do it.

Rocky is just reading the articles….yeah right!

Despite many rumors that it was my brother,  or my mom,  that is the real Santa in the photos,  my kids asked him to be in our family Christmas Card at their Santa shoot this year and he said yes.

I wouldn't stop at the gas station with my bra on the outside of my clothes to get the 40oz,  the cigar, and the naughty Magazine,  so I called my husband and made him to do it!

Originally Rocky was going to be reading a playboy,  Jimmy made me settle it down a bit. 

It took us about 8-10 takes to get this,  Luci nailed her shot on the first one and was irritated that the rest of us couldn't get it together as quick.

The 5 of us laughed harder shooting this silly card than we did all year.   Kind of makes up for some of the crappy stuff.   Merry Christmas to you and your family.   See you in 2014!

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