~ Katie and Bobby ~ Rah, Rah, Sis-boom-bah!

I really, really dislike meteorologists. I think most photographers secretly do, because we know how often they are wrong. Like when they say on the 5'clock news that the severe weather won't come our way until after 10 o'clock. Then suddenly at your 7pm engagement session the sky turns green, the tornado sirens go off, and it starts to pour....Good Times!

As a bonus, if your name is Kelly Manno you send your clients home to beat the storm...only to rush to your own car and realize your locked your keys inside. That's right, locked my keys, in the car, in a tornado warning, with a bag full of thousands of dollars of gear on my back. Luckily there was a nearby hospital who let me hang out in their hallway for 2 hours until roadside assistance would come. 
About a week later, and a $57 dollar roadside assitance fee later, we met up again to finish our shoot. A place where it all started for Katie and Bobby, McKendree College.

As if these weren't already a-freaking-dorable. Wait until your hear their love story. 
They were assigned as stunt partners on their college competitive cheerleading team.  Seriously, how cute is that? It's like the movie "The Cutting Edge" without the ice skates. When they told me about their love story I knew we had to incorporate some stunts in our shoot.  They nailed it.

Little do they know I expect them to bust out a full pyramid with their bridal party next year! LOL....kidding...maybe :)

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